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Consultation and Call for Evidence

Consultation and Call for Evidence

Formal consultation on the Manchester Independent Economic Review (MIER) and it’s processes took place in July 2008 and August 2008. Stakeholders, partners and interested parties were invited to complete and return the Consultation Questions and to provide any Additional Evidence they felt may be relevant to the work of the Review. The sub-region’s Team Manchester Economic development Leads were extremely useful in ensuring responses were received from around the sub-region and beyond.

This important milestone for the MIER ensured that input for the MIER came from the widest range of interested parties, both from within the city region and beyond, and that their expertise and aspirations for the MIER’s programme of work were taken into account.

Responses were received with regards to various issues, and particularly the content of the MIER, communication issues, stakeholder engagement and media coverage of the MIER. As examples:

- most responses highlighted the importance of effective communication of the Reviews findings to stakeholders and interested parties, in order for the Review to properly inform effective policy and strategy decisions and to capture commercial and public interest, was perhaps the most consistent theme to be taken from the feedback.

- the majority of responses articulated the need for the Review to produce not only a comprehensive economic evidence-base for those in the City Region and beyond, but to also define clear and practical messages to aid policy making, strategic thinking and investment plans.

- it was often noted that the relevance of the Review for opinion formers depends not only on the quality of the Review’s research work, but also on how key stakeholders are involved from an early stage as soon as the results emerge from the Review.

The full Consultation and Call for Evidence Report is available to view below.

Call for Evidence Report