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Literature Review

A full MIER literature review was undertaken to assist local stakeholders, the Reviewers, and members of the study teams in developing a thorough understanding of what research and documentary evidence already exists within the city region and the Northwest, and to draw upon additional national and international research where relevant.

This report takes each of the MIER Research team’s initial literature review work as its starting point, (undertaken at the beginning of the MIER programme) and then draws out seminal research journals and thinking which is helping to shape the content and detailed focus of each study. This report also makes light reference to the context of each MIER study. However reference should be made to the Key Projects section of this page for further details on specific aims and methodologies applied for each of the MIER’s seven projects.

In addition, MIER Secretariat has conducted its own review of available local literature, in order to ensure that each of the projects has taken account of the broadest possible intelligence at all spatial levels. This involved a far reaching search through journals and other academic literature via the internet. This has been a robust process and as such, it is believed that all relevant key literature has been taken into consideration by the research teams.

Please find a copy of the MIER Literature Review below.


  1. MIER Literature Review [516.00 KB]