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Manchester Outdoor advertising

Manchester advertising industry

Manchester Outdoor advertising
For advertising agencies who wish to make a clear, unambiguous statement with their campaigns, they find that billboards, buses and trams provide a range of very effective, innovative and large opportunities in a number of dimensions. Manchester is a great place for transport advertising on account of its Metrolink tram system.

Whether it’s covering an entire bus or tram to coating the flanks or rear, using the T-side, super square or big bus back, public transport has a great opportunity for creative design. Buses have the ability to showcase brand messages and exciting ideas to consumers on the move throughout Manchester city. See Pages - Transport for Greater Manchester.


Bus advertising in Manchester
Bus advertising grabs people’s attention in a way with which few other media can compete, which is why it is so effective. It is a great way to champion your product to a particular local market or audience at good rates. Bespoke designs deliver vivid eye-catching campaigns to everyone’s daily commute. Stunning graphics and exciting campaigns created by skilled designers get your product or service in front of a huge audience on a consistent and, most importantly, repeated basis.

Buses in Manchester and billboards also allow advertisers the flexibility to offer a range of formats for a range of budgets, so depending on what you want to achieve you will find a solution that enables you to build business and bring in more customers.


What kind of styles?
There are many kinds of bus advertisement styles and dimensions, including banners, full side, mega rear, super square, big bus back and big bus side. T-side dimensions are a popular option for many double decker buses, especially in London, as they capture people’s attention due to their size. Signs, flags and banners at bus stops are also a good move to reach consumers.

Another option to bear in mind is bus tickets. Your goal as an advertiser is to distract the consumer from their bus rate by printing your advertising campaign on the back.

Like billboards, flags and banners, the effectiveness of bus advertising is reflected in its competitive rates and prices. In a world of increasingly diverse media, public transport is a great way to convey messages to people. Contact advertising agencies or web design agencies to get a better sense of how to pitch an idea. Many magazines and newspapers such as Manchester Evening News use the cityscape as a means of advertising.


Why are buses and trams attractive as advertising platforms in Manchester?
The city’s population has increased hugely in the last ten years, broadening an advertiser’s audience. The entire urban population now stands at 2.55 million. This includes people in Manchester who commute back and forth to the city, as well the tens of thousands of tourists both British and foreign who visit and enjoy the landmarks and culture in the city each year.

by Olly L.

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