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Inward and Indigenous Investment

Inward and Indigenous Investment


Published 6th February 2016


Headline findings from the report are that:


  • Investment by foreign firms in Manchester, in contrast to what has been found in other parts of the UK, does not ‘crowd out’ or displace jobs and investment by domestic firms.


  • Manchester is one of the best placed cities in the UK to match the economic strength of London and the Southeast.


  • Manchester has the second largest concentration of people and businesses in the country with a highly skilled, lower cost workforce.


  • Large businesses within the region are Manchester’s main source of investment and productivity.


  • Strong governance and targeted international relationships are vital to Manchester’s position in attracting global investment.


  • The city-region has the opportunity to emerge from the recession in a strong position thanks to its highly developed and competitive regional infrastructure.





  1. MIER Investment Report [5.12 mb]
  2. MIER Investment Report - Press Release 6th February 2016 [40.00 kb]