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MIER Roadshows 2016

The MIER is hosting a series of events at Greater Manchester local authorities, to discuss and showcase emerging outputs from the Review, and engage with key local stakeholders.

GM’s ten local authorities are key stakeholders in the MIER and central actors in the “Economic Strategy” (a central part of the Greater Manchester Strategy, GMS) that is emerging from it. Engagement was begun with the MIER’s “Consultation and Call for Evidence” and continues through briefings of TMEDL (Team Manchester Economic Development Leads), the MIER Policy Advisory Group, and at other fora.

It is recognised that the MIER is of interest to all and that a structured conversation is absolutely necessary for the Economic Strategy to understand and indeed be based on the vision and economic plans of each District. Furthermore, the MIER must be able to speak to each district and have a story to tell about the future and role of different places in the broader sub-regional context.

The Roadshows are designed to be the beginning of that intense dialogue.

The centrepiece of each Roadshow is a one-hour “Main Event” (presentation and Q&A), which is designed to be given to a wide local audience of local authority staff, Councillors, and local businesspeople. It will:

· introduce officers and key local enterprises to the MIER, its aims, intentions and relevance to their forward planning;

· provide the latest thinking on bringing long-term sustainable economic growth to GM;

· provide all the information MIER (and the Commission) have generated on the District;

· provide the latest thinking on how the economic futures envisaged by GM and by the district link;

· map out how this process, spearheaded by MIER, is being taken forward.

Specific details of each Roadshow, including dates and venues can be found in the Events section of the website. Furthermore, the presentations and associated documents from each Roadshow can be viewed and downloaded below, as and when each Roadshow is completed.